Controlled environments design

COHESIO positions itself as one of the Canadian leaders in the design of IT centers. Stéphane Carrière, vice-president, is indeed among the first architects in Quebec to hold an ATS (Accredited Tier Specialist) certification issued by the Uptime Institute for the planning of data centers.

IT centers, or data centers, are critical to the proper functioning of most companies. An excellent understanding of the operational and administrative stakes of such centers is one of the firm’s distinctive asset; that is why we give special attention to the design and expansion of IT centers that are simultaneously reliable, powerful and secured. Our expertise in the field is extremely valued by our clients that call us in to carry out technically-advanced and large-scale projects.

Furthermore, we are able to work on other types of controlled environments involving high-tech equipment such as:

- Control rooms

- Laboratories and white rooms

- Other specific industrial environments

Conception d'environnemens contrôlés JBC Architectes

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