Established over 35 years ago in Montreal, COHESIO (formerly JBC Architectes) is an architecture and design firm characterized by its unique approach combining technical expertise and design within each project. COHESIO is renowned for its ability to design innovative architectural solutions for corporate, industrial, commercial and institutional projects thanks to its in-depth knowledge of complex buildings.


Our firm leads projects in Montreal's most prestigious buildings, and has developped strong knowledge on how to cope with the constraints of such projects. In addition to offering general services, COHESIO is renowned for its expertise in building envelope, in the design of controlled environments such as data centers, and in realty services aimed at real estate owners and property managers. 


Three words summarising the approach COHESIO uses to turn its clients’ vision into concrete projects.

Comprehend Our clients praise our ability to listen to and understand their true needs. Thus, our team of experts is able to develop concrete solutions with performance, aesthetics and cost optimization in mind. 

Design Using their technical expertise and creativity, our team design spaces made to perfectly address the constraints specific to each project, and to answer both the clients and the end users needs.

Build In addition to maintaining close collaboration between all the experts involved in a project, we rigourously supervise the construction site and the quality of all our projects. 

2/3 and 4 Place Ville Marie

Started in April 2016 - 200,000 sq. ft.

COHESIO is replacing the windows and the Indiana limestone-clad envelope of this building located Place Ville Marie. The two entrances are also being redesigned. Built at the end of the 1950s, the building is in the heart of an area of outstanding patrimonial value in downtown Montreal. This significant project has required developing the most efficient and least intrusive protocol possible, to avoid disturbances for tenants and to limit costs while ensuring a fast project delivery.

Kashechewan school

COHESIO, in a consortium with STOA Architecture, has started the design and construction project for Kashechewan nation’s new elementary school, established in Northern Ontario. The new building, built on a different site than the current one, must respect future development plans that anticipate the relocation of both the school and the entire village on a new site within the coming years. This project of significant importance for the local community includes the construction of a new building formed with two aisles connected by a gateway. Footbridges built on both streets bordering the site will provide access to these aisles.

Confidential data center

Since 2017

COHESIOis currently working on the expansion of a data center located inside one of downtown Montreal’s most prestigious buildings. This complex project involves creating an additional level to the existing building and expanding by over 107.000 sq. ft. the current IT center. Three generators have been added to the data center, and 600 tons of coolant have been set up to ensure a smooth functioning. An architectural fence installed on the roof keeps the machinery hidden. 

Started in February 2019


COHESIO offers a complete range of professional services in architecture and interior design for commercial, industrial, realty and institutional projects of various scales.

We also provide tailored solutions to more specific challenges such as designing data centers and controlled/protected environments, maintaining and rehabilitating facades and managing property inventory.

Transformation de bâtiments

Building transformation

COHESIO has strong expertise in recycling, readapting and transforming buildings. Our interventions, guided by the willingness to respect the buillding's initial character, aim at meeting the needs of the new users as well as the budget and time constraints of our clients.