Facades and building envelope inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation

Inspection, expertise and maintenance


Since 2013, all buildings of 5 floors and more above ground must go through a complete and periodic inspection of their facades, the aim being to get an overall picture of the facades’ condition, to hold an informative register of the building, to establish a preventive maintenance program and to identify and quickly address the dangerous conditions that could threaten public safety.

COHESIO accompanies its clients in their efforts to comply with the law by carrying out:

- A general inspection as well as a detailed inspection of the facades and the envelope 

- An audit report and register

- The elaboration of a maintenance program based upon the level of emergency of the interventions to be carried out

- The scheduling and implementation of maintenance or repair work

Réhabilitation de façades JBC Architectes


Our facades rehabilitation projects can have two different objectives: whether to conduct remedial work that will have a minimal impact on the appearance of the building, or to carry out remedial work and redefine the appearance of the facades.

Research and development solutions, approaches and negotiations with the authorities in place, production of plans and specifications, and construction site supervision will be supported by our team of dedicated professionals and supported by a strong network of expert contacts.

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